Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wyee Weekend

Well here I am at a borrowed keyboard after two very full days on the coast. Drove up from Wagga on Friday dropping in at every Model shop I could get to catching up with many friends.

Friday Evening was spent slot racing with Shane and the racers at Tuggerah. My first time on a large commercial track and I did not disgrace myself. Managed to run in the lead for portion of one 2 minute heat ansd finished up in the top half of the field for the session. I did not expect to run too well but managed to do ok. I definitely enjoyed it. A big thanks to you guys for making a very tired traveller feel at home. I learnt heaps and will be back to try and do better so watch out. Thoroughly enjoyed a trial in a flexi with 16D power. These things are a blast. Managed to post a 3.8 sec lap which had me on the edge on the track and apparently it was a fairly competitive lap for the car. I just want one......

Spent this morning at theOur Town Model Show in Newcastle and the afternoon with the Wyee Model Rail Club running on "Upper Hunter". Always fun. Tonight we have just packed the guitars away after a jam that lasted for tea time until now and we are all just settling in now for a movie before bed. Tomorrow will be a low stress day travelling home through Sydney catching up with more friends and hopefully being home again in Wagga at a reasonable time tomorrow night.

So guys and gals, race it on the track and keep it safe on the road.

Cya all soon.........................

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nuts and Bolts

I am a Model Railroader. I like trains, deal with it. I like building model trains. I like to see operation in a model railway but I can also appreciate watching a fine model roll by while imbibing in a cool beverage.

Been a while since I could say that. Circumstances in my life over the last two years have seen me hiding from a hobby that I have been a very active member of.

Of late, I have been looking firstly at becoming involved again but find travel a little difficult so attending each and every show has become for me very difficult.

I am the editor of the Murrumbidgee Mail, an electronic news letter connected with the Wagga Wagga Model Railroaders which I was made a life member of last year. Humbling experience that one.

But I have been asking myself what form my personal modelling will take over the next few years. I am partway through installing an around the walls empire in my garage which is also my work shop but that has become not enough. For now it is probably just fine. I will be able to sit at the work bench building whilst the Riverina Express trundles along just above my head. It will also be a place friends can visit to run a train or just talk crap. Another fine pastime. But I have become more and more interested in operational yards and a reason for my stable of mostly kit based models to turn a wheel other than going in a circle.

I check in on a few sites regularly for inspiration like Carl Arendt's fine site promoting minimum space layouts. You just cannot go there and come away believing you have no room for a layout. But they are just a little small for mine although I do like the idera of a small display with a purpose, yes I will possibly do one. I am leaning more towards small operational layouts like "Anthony's Room" By Paul Hawdon, hope I spelled that right, and Adrian Hoad's "Ladysmith Sidings".

John Allen's Timesaver is an obvious start and along with my friend Dale, I have been examining different ideas. So starting soon, I will be debating some of these layouts and hopefully encourage and challenge you as well as myself.

In the current issue of the Murrumbidgee Mail, I begin to examine Crookwell as a possible subject. Crookwell is the end of a branch through Roslyn from Goulburn and has a reasonable yard suitable for medium sized Locomotives and rolling stock. I could be tempted to reproduce the mutterings here on that subject as well.

So come back and check out Macca's Place for information on small, not quite minimum sized operational layouts. If yoiu have an idea or own something like this, give me a hoy and we can discuss it and share it as well.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Off Sick

The Great Australian Pastime, the sickie, more often than not the extra little holidays taken every so often and paid for by the boss. Have you ever noticed just how slowly the day goes when you are off genuinely sick?

I have unfortunately been at home the last couple of days and not only have the days been long, there has been an element of boredom. Between sleeping in a little and having no real pressure to complete anything, the days have had no structure. Obviously the headaches and nausea have had me feeling sorry for myself and the trips to the bathroom as well as to the kitchen to keep fluids up have occurred as demand required. Not much else though.

I have had the choice of hundreds of movies to watch and you know, I have drifted off during both movies I have attempted to watch. I have not been able to do anything in either of my two main hobbies as both involve an amount of pungent chemicals and solvents and both have effected my breathing in an undesirable manner. That is what a viral infection will do to you.

A trip into town today to see the doctor and basically be told I have been doing the right things and no more can be done as I am apparently getting on top of the infection and should be back at work Monday. Not her fault, but it just seems a little much to have to pay $50 to be able to claim 3 days sick pay.

Ah well, time for another cup of tea.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hello and welcome

Wagga is a little damp as I sit here typing, setting up my own little peice of the internet. I hope to share things about me, this city and region as well as my hobbies.

I am probably on the high end of middle aged and work as an accounts officer for a national transport company.

I am married and have 4 children and soon 2 grand children.

My hobbies include Model Railways, Slot cars and music.

Drop in time to time and say "hi". Hopefully some photos and comment will appear here regularly.

I am currently planning a new model railway based on Crookwell. But, I have planned a few and there is no gaurantee this will actually be built. Ah well, one shed full of raceway and one full of model railway and model work shop I guess is enough for any bloke at my stage in life.

Cya soon.