Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Something out of science fiction for Rheumatoid arthritis, but I am testing it. This week I get my 3rd Intraveinous Infusion of a drug called Actemra. Seems to be working. I definitely have less inflamation and pain. Blood tests this week and in 4 weeks will tell the story though. Side effects are a tad hard to manage at present, exhausted all the time and falling asleep at embarrassing times is only the half of it. I am sleeping better at night so with luck I may come full circle with that, hopefully anyway.
Wish me luck..................

Lambing Flat Visit

A trip to Sydney with my little mate Rod to meet up with a group of Sydney modellers at the home of "Lambing Flat" occurred a couple of week ends ago. This layout has been photographed many times for AMRM and elsewhere. To actually drive on it, under instruction of course, was so much fun and very educational. James operates using a car card system. Running between 3 locations 2 of which are fiddle yards, allows more than enough variety for shunting. No looping, just operation and we were stoked.

What the visit brought home was that operation is a lot of fun. We were all enthusiasts, but I dare to say that some had never done more than simple running in a circle. My own Exhibition experience was little more than looping, with the occasional silo shunt.

I have questioned my own planning testing the operational possibilities. A few minor changes will occur to the drawing and the final plan now. I want both, operation and the ability to lap a loco and sit back watching. It can happen.