Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Where's Macca?

Unfortunately Macca has not been very well. An extended forced break from work and a stay in hospital has given Macca much time to think a few things through and reconfigure his own modelling plans.

A booth for air abrasion is almost completed and has been tested. I will post a photo once completed.

A spray booth is well under way as are plans to completely remodel the "Train Shed". Existing plans were too restrictive. New plans will see a multi layer railway with good long runs of both single track and dual track main. Staying with a NSW prototype is an easy choice as a respctable stud of models are already in the collection just waiting for track to run on.

I should add a big thank you to the Doctors, Staff and Nurses of the Emergency Department and Ward 3, Wagga Wagga Base Hospital, who gave me much needed care and attention to get me on the road to recovery from what was a serious and could have been a much more serious condition.

And a big thanks to the little Woman who came and sat with me time after time, even when I was almost incoherent and not quite up to visitors. Yes, we have both had a rather trying few months.

More soon.

1 comment:

  1. Macca

    Having been in a similar place 9 years ago it does give you a different view on things.

    Although we haven't met, glad to see you back.

    Ray P