Friday, June 8, 2012


Four years ago, our family was involved in the World Youth Days in Sydney. For a week prior, we hosted two young ladies from Hong Kong in our home as they took part in activities in our local parish associated with World Youth Days.
To say that they had an effect on us would be an understatement. Through the Internet, we have kept in touch, promising to continue to keep in touch. We have shared events in each other's lives. The girls with their continuing education and us with grand children. We have swapped Christmas cards and birthday wishes. I guess you could say we consider them part of our family.

Well, one of our Hong Kong daughters is with us presently and we are having a very full week. Spending a little time with all of our local family and some of our friends, shopping, travelling and watching movies in front of the fire at home.

Tomorrow we visit Canberra, a new experience for our visitor and she is excited as you can imagine. The week has been way too short. And yes, our other Hong Kong daughter, is a little jealous.....

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