Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Been busy and a step back in time.

The last few weeks have been rather busy on the Exhibition front. Newcastle and then Caulfield. It seems that I get far more enjoyment from catching up with friends, such as the members of the Wyee Model Railway Club where I get to share trains and tails all afternoon before retiring to the home of a couple of the members for maybe a movie and eventually some sleep, than I do from the trains them selves.

The trip to Caulfield was a bit different as I travelled with 3 friends. Two of them were members of the original Stockinbingal crew and the third a former neighbour into trains and slot cras crossing my 2 main interests.

Leaving Wagga at approx 4 in the morning Saturday was a challenge for some but we were eventually on the road heading for the Southern State where we enjoyed a coffee and muffin at the golden arches Glenrowan.

A visit to the Buffer Stop and Rail n Thusiast had us arriving at the show just on lunch time. A wonder around, a pie to satisfy the worms and then the serious job of looking at what was new began. Leaving the show at just short of 5 PM, we headed to the Westgate Bridge, the Western Ringroad and the Hume Highway to lead us home. 

What an enjoyable day. 4 friends, no real time constraints and we simply went about enjoying ourselves. Just like we used to do when we first became excited as a group with the public side of this hobby.

Now to get some of the excitement back.

A discussion centred around setting one night a week aside to get my layout started. Looking forward to that. Sharing the hobby with friends I mean.....

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