Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hello and welcome

Wagga is a little damp as I sit here typing, setting up my own little peice of the internet. I hope to share things about me, this city and region as well as my hobbies.

I am probably on the high end of middle aged and work as an accounts officer for a national transport company.

I am married and have 4 children and soon 2 grand children.

My hobbies include Model Railways, Slot cars and music.

Drop in time to time and say "hi". Hopefully some photos and comment will appear here regularly.

I am currently planning a new model railway based on Crookwell. But, I have planned a few and there is no gaurantee this will actually be built. Ah well, one shed full of raceway and one full of model railway and model work shop I guess is enough for any bloke at my stage in life.

Cya soon.

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