Thursday, August 20, 2009

Off Sick

The Great Australian Pastime, the sickie, more often than not the extra little holidays taken every so often and paid for by the boss. Have you ever noticed just how slowly the day goes when you are off genuinely sick?

I have unfortunately been at home the last couple of days and not only have the days been long, there has been an element of boredom. Between sleeping in a little and having no real pressure to complete anything, the days have had no structure. Obviously the headaches and nausea have had me feeling sorry for myself and the trips to the bathroom as well as to the kitchen to keep fluids up have occurred as demand required. Not much else though.

I have had the choice of hundreds of movies to watch and you know, I have drifted off during both movies I have attempted to watch. I have not been able to do anything in either of my two main hobbies as both involve an amount of pungent chemicals and solvents and both have effected my breathing in an undesirable manner. That is what a viral infection will do to you.

A trip into town today to see the doctor and basically be told I have been doing the right things and no more can be done as I am apparently getting on top of the infection and should be back at work Monday. Not her fault, but it just seems a little much to have to pay $50 to be able to claim 3 days sick pay.

Ah well, time for another cup of tea.

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